Prana & Pie’s newest column, 20 Things About the Cook, is a weekly feature that focuses on a foodie, food blogger, chef, cook, kitchen master, domestic goddess or other type of food-loving person, and 20 things about them that one wouldn’t normally otherwise know. The column’s inaugural cook, Bev Weidner, is the President, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Big Kahuna, Prime Minister and Head Mistress of Bev Cooks, her beautifully photographed and hilariously written food blog. Full disclosure: Bev also happens to be Laura’s best friend. They have talked, laughed, cried and cooked their way through the past 12 years together, and plan on doing the same until they have blue hair and Rascal Scooters. Again, read more of Bev and her hilarity here. You will wonder how you ever lived without her.

1. My husband and I used to play together in an indie-rock band called The New Tragedies. I sang and played a bass guitar bigger than my body.

2. I wore off-white high heels to match my off-white bass guitar. That’s right I did.

3. During my 20′s, I played in various indie bands, including one that opened up for The Postal Service once. Ben Gibbard and I shared a pizza after the show. I’m sure he totally remembers (absolutely not) the special moments we shared together.

4. Since the age of 21, I’ve had 4,726 different hair colors and 3,985 different hair styles.

5. But no tattoos. Ever.

6. During the winter, I have a little hobby of making corn sack heating pads for close friends and family. They’re actually filled with rice. But I call them corn sacks. Don’t ask.

7. At 19 years old, I played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in my community theater playhouse in New Mexico. But Toto was a stuffed animal, and it hurt my heart.

8. Instead of talking to myself, I sing to myself. But I sing in various voices of SNL characters, so it ends up being really awkward for those around me. Never mind.

9. My dad is a minister of music in a church, and my mom is a choral director at a high school. Needless to say, music runs through my blood. Each time we visit over the holidays, we all stand around the piano (my sister included) and sing songs in 4-part harmony together. We’re so Mayberry.

10. I’ve been obsessed with garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores for over half of my life. The majority of knickknacks in our home are thrifted. But I cleaned them first.

11. When I was a little girl, I threw locust shells on my sister while she was taking a bath. Actually, if we check with my mom, I think I’m still grounded over this.

12. I sang in the elite choir, Schola Cantorum, at the University of Arkansas and still have a deep love for choral music. Stop laughing.

13. Hi. I’m Bev, and I’m a PBS junkie.

14. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 20 years old. It was a rainy night in Abilene, TX. A handful of girlfriends blind-folded me, threw me in a car and dragged me to Wal-Mart to get it done. And I screamed. In Wal-Mart. And cried all the way home. I’ve not talked to them since.

15. In high school my girlfriend, Katelyn and I deemed every Friday as “National Hyper Day”. We once wore our bathing suits to school to celebrate our weirdness.

16. Another time in high school, my girlfriend, Heather and I drove my little sister out to the desert and pretended that her truck engine was failing, and we convinced her that we were going to rot and die out there. Actually, if we check with my mom, I think I’m still grounded over this, too.

17. When I attended college in Abilene, TX, there was one night when my friend, Ben and I climbed to the top of the performing arts building and changed the letters on the marque. It had said something like, “Guys and Dolls Auditions This Friday.” And we changed it to something like, “Gerbils Wear Plaid Aprons and Paper Cut Their Eyeballs With Butter.” I transferred colleges shortly after.

18. I love trashy romance novels. There, I said it.

19. I have a deep, dark, gruesome fear of insects that fly. Actually, could we not talk about it, please?

20. I’m actually the voice behind the new Rainbow Brite theme song. No, I really am.