Prana & Pie’s food-tastic column, 20 Things About the Cook, is a weekly feature that focuses on a foodie, food blogger, chef, cook, kitchen master, domestic goddess or other type of food-loving person, and 20 things about them that one wouldn’t normally otherwise know. This week’s guest, Michelle Contreras, is the blogging queen behind Confessions of a Recipe Junkie. For more about Michelle and her love for all things food, check out her bio below.

1. I was going to be named Jennifer; Mom didn’t win, Dad liked The Beatles.

2. Math and I don’t get along. I must have stolen her boyfriend one day.

3. I talk in my sleep, and I mean talk scary stuff. Sometimes it involves someone being in the room, or in the closet. Alex hates those.

4. When I was little and my older sister would ask for a glass of water, I would use the darkest cup I could find and mix in salt & pepper. Yeah, she stopped asking. Sorry, sis.

5. I have no middle name. I’ve always wanted one. My children will have middle names.

6. My little sister and I watched Just Friends for a month straight. Sometimes twice a day – and yes, I can recite lines from the movie.

7. During family road trips, I would sit by the window and open my mouth. I liked it when my tongue got dry. I caught a lady bug once. Yes, I was a little odd.

8. I don’t like needles. I faint every time at the doctor when they draw blood. I get nauseous when they give me vaccines or shots. I don’t know how I’ll have children.

9. My favorite word is cute. My friends alerted me to that a few years ago. I say it a lot.

10. I ask a lot of questions, and I mean a lot of questions. I never grew out of that stage.

11. On my first day of 6th grade, I sat next to the girl who would introduce me to hair mousse. She became my best friend, and I’ve been forever grateful.

12. This one time in band camp… Hah! I love that line. Actually, it was one time in college, I thought my car got jacked. I panicked for an hour. Turned out I had parked it somewhere else.

13. I suffer from blonde moments- like, seriously embarrassing brain farts. But I just laugh them off, and there’s never a dull moment. :)

14. When my best friend and I would skip class in high school, we’d tell her grandmother it was early release day. Yeah, we got released early a lot.

15. This homegirl naps a ton. On the ride home during a sunny day, during half time, whenever it strikes. Alex is jealous of me. I love it so.

16. You know those gas station car washes? Yup, those. I got stuck in one – alone, in my car. I freaked. It just got stuck washing and washing. I pondered my escape, I searched my phone for the gas station’s number. I kept watching the machine and it just kept going. Finally, I decided to just inch up my car a bit, and it stopped. I left and kept going. I haven’t been in a car wash alone ever since.

17. I fainted while getting a manicure. She nipped me, and I don’t have the stomach for blood-involved things. I know, right? I really don’t know how I’ll ever have children.

18. The character Andy Sachs was written about me – minus the fashion, second assistant and trip to Paris. OK, not really about me, but might as well have been. I lived through a Miranda Priestly.

19. You know how it’s still dark in the mornings during the fall? Well, its great for a prank. In high school, I once woke my little sister up in the middle of a Friday night in a panic and convinced her we were running late for school. She rushed up and started getting ready, I let her go crazy a bit until I couldn’t hold the laughter in anymore. Yeah, she was pissed.

20. Up until high school I thought I was adopted – seriously, whole-heartedly adopted. Whenever I could, I would go through my parents’ important papers looking for my adoption certificate or anything that would confirm my suspicion. I never found anything.

Michelle Contreras, is the junkie behind Confessions of a Recipe Junkie. She started blogging after realizing that her collection of recipes was collecting dust in a cabinet. She has been gathering recipes since she started working, and still does every chance she gets. She’s a heavy lover of carbs, and always saves space for dessert. She brings a touch of Caribbean flavor to her personal recipes and continues to learn each day about the world of food blogging. See her continue to grow as a foodie and food blogger on her site.