This past Saturday, our neighborhood hosted its inaugural Chili Cook-Off, a culinary competition of epic proportions held in the dog park across the street. Nine pots of chili were entered into the competition and spanned the spectrum of styles. Here’s a list of what we judged:

Chipotle Left Hand Stout Chili
Chorizo Black Bean Chili (with sour cream required)
El Toro del Diablo, a red chili with no beans
Seven Pepper Chili Fantastico
Jack-o-Lantern Turkey Chili
Swine Two Ways Chili
Swine No Ways Chili (the vegetarian counterpart)
Mexican Chili (with egg noodles required)
Vegetarian White Chili with Tofu

Along with the vats of chili was a slew of other side items, like homemade mac n’ cheese, several styles of cornbread, chips, dips and – of course – plenty of wine and beer.

We all gathered around the picnic table, huddled over the pots of chili as we ooh’ed and mmm’ed our way through the samples. After trying all of them, votes were cast and a winner was announced:

HUBS! Here’s the winner, with his grand prize and blushing bride:

His Chipotle Left Hand Stout wowed the crowd, and we went home with an empty pot and a six-pack of Out of Bounds beer. Be sure to catch Hubs’s recipe over on my food column at the Fayetteville Flyer this Sunday. Thanks to Jeff and Lydia for coordinating such a fun evening! We’ll be back next year.