Prana & Pie’s foodtastic column, 20 Things About the Cook, is a feature that focuses on a foodie, food blogger, chef, cook, kitchen master, grillmeister or other type of food-loving person, and 20 things about them that one wouldn’t otherwise know. The column’s latest featured cook, Grace Boyle, is the brains behind Grace(full) Plate, her food blog that pays homage to the amazing food we have here in Boulder County, along with Boulder Food News. For more about Grace, check out her bio below.

1. I have Italian dual-citizenship – love my Italian passport! Va bene.

2. The language I know and took in school is Sanskrit. As in, the dead, ancient Vedic language from India.

3. I wish I listened to my parents and kept taking piano lessons. All I can play now is Fur Elise. It’s a good party trick.

4. I went to an alternative school where we meditated and did yoga everyday with a focus on the Self and wellness (K-12), alongside our classes.

5. I can’t watch scary movies. I’ve never seen any of them.

6. I moved to Boulder three years ago for no apparent reason but intuition. I packed up my car and headed West with no job, no place to live, and no friends here.

7. I’m a super geek and love the online-technology-startup world I work in.

8. I was raised vegetarian and now consider myself a pescetarian. Fun fact? I’ve never had a hamburger or steak.

9. I have really small hands. Super small. See my dorky, personal blog name:

10. Related to #9, I can beat anyone in a typing contest. I type about 120 words per minute (give or take).

11. I love to travel. My favorite trip was living on a sailboat and sailing around the Greek islands.

12. Favorite foods include: sushi, BBQ, avocados, rigatoni with my family’s marinara sauce covered in fresh parmesan, anything with lavender in it, fruit tarts, chocolate covered pretzels and sweet potatoes. (Note: not all together or in that order.)

13. My dad is a gemologist/gem dealer. He travels the world going directly to the source/mines buying and selling gemstones. He brought me to Thailand when I was 15 on a business buying trip. I grew up working in his business.

14. Both my parents are entrepreneurs.

15. I love side projects on top of my job. I run and Boulder Food News to help share food news locally. I also work with small businesses to help them connect with their customers and community online.

16. I grew up riding horses and competing / traveling in three day eventing. I owned my own horse, a Thoroughbred called Keep the Wind.

17. In college, I had five internships. Call me crazy.

18. I love food. I could talk about it for hours that includes the local farms, to production, to making and creating recipes.

19. I’m 5’1″. Shorty.

20. Yoga is my go-to reset happy place. I’ve been practicing since I was five.

Grace Boyle is a 20-something adventurista. She is the Director of Marketing and Sales for the online startup, Kapost, and lives in Boulder, Colorado. She’s an avid blogger and a (non-pretentious) foodie who runs Grace(full) Plate and Boulder Food News. She loves the mountains, travel, laughter, cheese plates, yoga, red wine, her big Italian family, boyfriend, puppy, and crazy-good friends.